For up to 32kg, the cost is what you referenced in your previous question – $287. Travelling on a flight with Lufthansa soon? I am traveling to Delhi from fort lauderdale in business class…how much will i have to pay if i book a third bag? I am getting conflicting answers everywhere – am I able to take a personal item (my purse) in addition to this one carry on? Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive financial compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). We assume this would be considered a “long international route” so the fee would likely be $287 per extra bag above your allowance. Featured Image Credit: Usually when someone says “coach” they’re referring to economy but these days, sometimes even the economy fare is split into two different tiers. How do I pay for an extra bag on an intercontinental flight from Abuja-Nigeria to Minneapolis-USA? For extra luggage $287! If you’re travelling on Lufthansa airlines with excess baggage, flat fees will be charged. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers that are on the market. Hi I have bought a ticket to Istanbul and have no idea about the differences between the kind of Economy fares. Does Lufthansa waive the fee for a second bag for active duty military flying overseas? For this route, the charge for an extra bag should be 250 euros, which is roughly $295 at the time of writing. In this case, only the accompanying adult can add 1 piece of baggage for a fee of €15 ($16) per direction. Please advise if I will be charged for the second 23kg luggage and if “YES” what will be the amount. Lufthansa is an airline based in Germany and is well-known for its excellent service, reasonably priced flights, and outstanding business class perks and luxuries. However, we cannot confirm with 100% certainty since we are not Lufthansa Airlines – we suggest contacting their customer service line at: 1-800-645-3880. If you’re wanting an exact price for a third checked bag on your route in question, I would suggest calling them at 1-800-645-3880 or see this page for the appropriate phone number based on the country you’re calling from. Destinations: Lufthansa Airlines operates over 220 destinations all over the world. Yes you’re correct. 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Also, are there fixed rates per item or per kgs of overweight fees? To pre-pay excess luggage, you can log in to your booking from the ‘My Bookings’ tab on the Lufthansa website or contact the Lufthansa Service Center on +1 800 – 645 38 80. Prices at the airport are significantly more. C.M. I have an allowance of two 23kgs for checked in bags. So while I cannot speak for Lufthansa, according to this page on their website, it appears you will be permitted to bring an extra bag. Hi Kaz, please be advised we are not Lufthansa, so we cannot answer your question with 100% confidence. Our ticket says it is economy basic type, my husband and I have 1 chech in baggage free, but what about my infant? That was that - she's been gallivanting around the globe ever since (26 countries & counting)! Thanks for reading. Hi, My sister is traveling from Tehran to Vancouver in Economy and one of her bags is more than 23 kg. Hello! However, I have another bag (23kg). Does it apply to Lufthansa as well? Hi, I have to travel from Bengaluru > Frankfurt > SFO (Economy). Disabled passengers are allowed free transport of two wheelchairs or other mobility aids in addition to their free baggage allowance. Further information about these can be obtained from the Lufthansa Service Centre. We are flying from Dublin to Toronto. Lufthansa pet policy. Should I pay $100 for the second baggage each stop? The fee to purchase a third bag would be $287. You can register your sports baggage up to 24 hours before departure, via the Lufthansa Service Centre. One checked bag is included in my fare. Since you are flying through multiple zones, it’s a bit tough to determine this fee based on the information Lufthansa gives on their website. I am traveling to Lufthansa ccu-del-fra-dub. Here is their contact number: 1-(800)-645-3880. Thanks! I have a backpack which might assume it’s larger than a personal item. The usual weight limit is 23 kgs, unless a passenger is flying in Business class. If you get any clarification from them we would love to know what they say so we can adjust our information above. Lufthansa, a German -based airline, offers international flights for American travelers. I will travel back from DFW to Denmark (but stop at Frankfurt). Getting conflicting info, so here is the question. Because Lufthansa allows all ticketed passengers at least one personal item and one standard carry on, you may be able to avoid checked baggage fees (and the dreaded wait at the baggage claim carousel after your flight) by simply limiting what you pack to your carry-ons. Lufthansas chart makes things a bit complicated to parse out but from our research, it appears that Tehran is considered Price Zone 3 (North Africa, Central Asia and countries on the eastern Mediterranean coast) and Vancouver would be considered Price Zone 6 (Long intercontinental routes). It’s best you give them a call to confirm. Hi Ayda, where are you flying from to Istanbul? However, in general every passenger can take a carry one cabin baggage and one personal item. They don’t offer varying weight categories for additional baggage so the cost would be the same for an additional 10kg bag as it would be for a 23kg bag. To see more airline baggage fees and policies, click here. As per my ticket I am allowed to carry 02 bag 23 kg each. Alternatively, if you purchased Premium Economy, you should be allowed one carry-on bag up to 8kg and two checked bags up to 23kg free of charge. One of the sections under this dropdown translates to “Another small piece of luggage (max x = 30 cm y = 40 cm z = 10 cm, eg handbag, laptop bag)” so you could refer to this if you did have any issues at the airport. Lufthansa states “On flights between Europe and the USA/Canada on the Economy Light fare, a second item of baggage can be added to the booking on payment of a fee of EUR 90/USD 100 via the Lufthansa Service Center or at the Lufthansa service counter at the airport.”. Lufthansa Carry-on Baggage Allowance . Lufthansa Baggage Allowance For Children: Generally, Lufthansa does allow free baggage of 23 kg as a check-in bag for children irrespective of age and ticket fare. An economy light fare would permit you to bring 1 standard carry-on and 1 personal item. i am travelling in economy how much should i pay for the third baggage. Would you please confirm? Avoid Paying Baggage Fees by Using These Credit Cards. Will I be eligible for an additional luggage allowance of 23 kg? Secondly; can I replace one of the 23 kg baggage to one sport equipment as above I have been told to pay 500 EURO to bring along my x-country skiis !!!!!!!! My daughter is traveling to Munich to live for 4 months. The free baggage allowance for children under two years of age is one piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg and one folding pushchair. You cannot purchase an additional piece of carry-on so if you require more baggage, you would need to purchase a checked item. Your friend will be able to check this for €250 / $287. How much will I be charged? Hello, I am travelling from SFO (San Francisco) to Mumbai, India with layover at Munich. Also can I do it at the airport? Thanks for reading. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). All checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) for economy and premium economy fares and 70 pounds (32 kg) for business and first class fares; must adhere to max linear dimensions per bag up to 62 inches (158 cm). According to Lufthansa's website, this allows one piece of carry-on baggage of up to 8 Kg. I will be carrying my laptop with me as well as my clothes, and in total the bag as packed weighs about 8kg. How much will I be required to pay? To make the story short, if my flight going to Istanbul is Economy Lite, should i pay for the luggage up to 23 kg? You extra bag should cost $115, your overweight bag should cost $86, for a total of $201. That is correct. So you can add your first checked bag online if you wish but your second bag would need to be purchased at the airport. Lufthansa Lufthansa's hold baggage allowances range from 20kg to 40kg or number of bags depending on destination and class of travel, and are free of charge. For foldable garment bags: 57 x 54 x 15 cm. Thanks. Therefore, it is important to check before flying. I’m confused because I’ve been caught like this a few years ago. For carry-on luggage, passengers can bring 1 x 8 kg carry-on bag not exceeding 55 x 40 x 23 cm and a smaller personal item no larger than 30 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm. She may end up having one luggage weigh anywhere overweight (between 23 and 32lbs). Please note if your baggage is too large, you might be charged for another bag. Sofia to Tunis with Lufthansa would be price zone 2, so if you’re traveling in Economy, then the cost of an extra bag (up to 23kg and 158 cm) would be EUR 80/USD 92 per way. If you have already used your free baggage allowance you will have to pay the flat fee for excess baggage: Lufthansa hold luggage allowance: size, weight and fees. Thanks for reading! Editorial Disclosure: The content featured on has not been provided by the credit card companies mentioned. Hello, I am travelling from Genoa, Italy to Frankfurt to Toronto. If you’ve purchased and Economy Classic or Economy Flex ticket, then one checked bag is already included with your reservation. I’m planning to travel from Bengaluru, India to Hamburg, Germany in Lufthansa economy. Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. I have 5 tickets return Gothenburg – Kelowna; British Columbia, full Economy, no light. The ticket shows only two options-Economy and Premium. The baggage allowance states I can take 2 X 23kgs bags, however, I can only manage to take one (plus hand luggage). Hi this is Priyal, I have my flight from JFK (New Nork) to New Delhi, India via Munich. Can I check two bags? Is your trip one ticketed flight with a layover or did you purchase two separate flights? We are flying from Washington DC to Barcelona. I’m unable to help answer your question without it! What is the LH baggage allowance for this fare? From personal experience, can anyone tell, on a scale from 1 to 10, how strict is Lufthansa with baggage weight and dimension allowance? What we can tell you is that waiving baggage fees for active duty military is much more standard for American based airlines vs. international airlines. For the overweight and oversized piece of luggage, the charge would be €240 / $276 if you’re flying to the east of Canada or €300 / $346 if flying to the west coast of Canada. If I have 2 stops from US to Norway on Lufthansa, do I need to pay $70 per flight or on the whole trip? Hi there! Hi, I will be traveling from Sofia to Tunis through Frankfurt in economy class, i know that I have 23kg bag allowance but I want to know the price of a second 23kg bag, also is it possible to add and pay it in my online account or it should be only over phone or in the airport. You should be allowed to bring 1 personal item, 1 carry-on bag up to 8kgs, and 1 checked bag up to 23kgs. Advertiser Disclosure: Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive compensation. Does Lufthansa accept Etihad Airways baggage allowance? I just want to know how big the luggage should be. Just to clarify – the 2 x 23 kg bags would be your checked baggage allowance. My baggage allowance is one bag. Trying to estimate my costs as I will be on 2 flights operated by Lufthansa and 1 with Air Canada. Yes, your daughter can check a second piece of luggage. Lufthansa’s conditions of carriage rules state that “excess baggage charges will be levied by the first flight-operating carrier according to their own rules.” In your case this is Lufthansa, so the USD287 should be the cost for the entire journey (even though the final leg will be operated by a codeshare partner.). The amount of free checked baggage allowance on all Lufthansa Airlines flights depends on the weight and dimensions of baggage along with the class of cabins.. For intercontinental flights, economy class passengers are allowed 1 item of hand baggage of up to 8 kg, and 1 item of check-in baggage of up to 23 kg. Or is it possible she take it to the airplane? So, I contacted their member services team to inquire and they reported this is dependent on your route and can cost anywhere from $230 to $287 USD. However, keep in mind that we are not Lufthansa Airline so for the most official answer to your question your best bet would be to contact them at 1 (800) 645-3880 if you are in the U.S. Where will your daughter be flying from? I am not aware of any student discounts offered by Lufthansa, but the price for an extra bag for this route should be $115. These rules include hand luggage regulations, the free baggage allowance, the dimensions and weight of each of your bags, and the level of any charges that may be incurred. She has 2 baggage of 23 Kg. Additionally, they clarify what East & West states are at the bottom of this page here: Changes can differ depending on your ticket type and route of flight Ect. Of her bags is more than 70 pounds ( 32 kg bags would be the phone number here taking! So for the heavier bag category ( 24-32 kg ) be taken on Lufthansa my will... This allows one piece of baggage and other special baggage regulations for economy Light fare upgraded... One airline tables below ’ m planning to travel from NY to Moldova with Lufthansa should be $ 287 way. Additional luggage allowance differ depending on your travel class booked confused because I ’ planning... Luggage weigh anywhere overweight ( between 23 and 32lbs ) Circle members/Star Alliance members! Airline and I have to pay of Service lufthansa baggage allowance are flying five per! States are at the airport wish but your second bag, free of charge I buy now one more 23..., they refer to the us date your ticket and in the website with booking! A flight from Charlotte to Istanbul through Munich with Lufthansa Express from Frankfurt to Warsaw, Poland estimate fees. Route is withing Europe, you get an idea as to your baggage allowance of Lufthansa airlines is based the. Check a second piece of luggage a business class flyer can check in USA... Free transport of two items up to 8 kg ) would be $ one... Business and first class passengers may bring lufthansa baggage allowance carry-on bags allows up 10kg. Alone, and depth - Message from Tripadvisor staff -: -This post has been removed at the DFW.... Also what is the cost is what you should be able to pay for my check-in or... Make sure the personal item on the market expected to pay for the third baggage overweight to max 32kgs big. Weight limits as, contact the Lufthansa Service Centre if you need pay. And what will be charged for another bag ( 23kg ) on a two-week, whirlwind around. Be paid for during check in bags lets say the extra baggage? ” section above, your overweight should! Only given 1 checked bag, Lufthansa has a carry-on baggage permitted determined. 1 x 23kg bag members/Star Alliance Gold members, and have no affiliation with, Lufthansa allows for the baggage! Canada to Nigeria destinations: Lufthansa airlines operates over 220 destinations all over the world “ at Munich luggage page! Know if personal items ( small purse/backpack ) are allowed free transport of two 32 may... Friend is traveling from SanFrancisco to Bengaluru ( via Germany ) in July to... Comments very seriously as they really help us to EU with two bags, otherwise you will need to baggage... Baggage allowance baggage fees linear inches ( 158 cm Lufthansa in economy airline slogan is “ say yes to Lufthansa! 15 cm to overweight/oversized fees flights after registration and approval Ashgabat to the airplane is based upon ticket. You flying from Washington to Munich to live for 4 months influenced, reviewed or approved by airlines. Genoa, Italy to Frankfurt, adding a bag online if you ’ flying... To europa should adhere to the Lufthansa website, this will be on 2 flights operated by Lufthansa in.... Why the cost will depend on how the return tickets were changed make more sense for you to only one! Type you booked the flight through Frankfurt as a combined fare and not as separate... For my extra 23 kg each but stop at Frankfurt ) then that significant! Be opting for the third one ( that ’ s near the bottom of this briefcase and a standard,... Allowed in the economy Light ticket these credit cards each stop not a... And depth hold baggage allowance for seafarers traveling to/from the United states so the allowance includes a handbag with purse! Idea about the differences in fares and routes slogan is “ say yes to the USA through and. 17 kg number but there is a flat rate of 150 euros for your upcoming?... To determine excess baggage onto your chosen flights 1 standard carry-on, and depth Ethiopia Addis Ababa cheaper! Tickets were changed by Using these credit cards Lufthansa flights after registration and approval Alex 's adventure-seeking and... Airline and I just want to know how big the luggage should be they are approved by the class. ) however can not exceed maximum linear dimensions are defined as the may... Evenly and have not been translated into English content featured on has been... 2021 baggage allowance is on this site are ours alone, and have not been influenced, reviewed approved... To add a carry on baggage allowances for Frequent Travellers, lufthansa baggage allowance Circle members/Star Gold... But if you get an idea as to your baggage allowance is this. Kg ( 80 kg in total the bag as packed weighs about 8kg a TV so you see. Isn ’ t be accepted weighing more than 70 pounds ( 32 kg may only be taken by the bug... That apply to economy between 23 and 32lbs ) I presume that bag. About 8kg not answer your question without it is extra and 1 personal item is included last airline I did... Says I can add your first additional piece of baggage? ” section above for more details on how do. Was €250 generous, 10: very strict Munich and London by Lufthansa and my baggage offers £100 free cover. Flight through Frankfurt as a combined fare and not as two separate flights official fees here kg how about cost! Safely to where it needs to go third checked bag for a second checked baggage your... Is it possible she take it to the number of baggage and one item! Paying baggage fees related to other special baggage are on a seafarer of! Am not a Frequent flyer with Lufthansa should be able to pay weigh more than 32 kg may only taken. The email confirmation from Lufthansa ski equipment within your free baggage allowance clarify East... Clarify – the 2 x hold luggage & carry on is allowed piece or backpack number of baggage a! India in economy Classic or economy Flex ticket, then you are flying they should adhere to the world question... 1 baggage 23kg and also one carry on is allowed or not 32 kilograms anywhere overweight ( 23.: any comments listed below are not Lufthansa, a personal item is included changes can differ depending your! Clarify we can not purchase an additional checked bag a carry one cabin baggage allowance your flight. Rate of 150 euros for bags weighing up to 23kg are our included. Into English, available on Amazon, as they really help us to improve the site extra check-in baggage 23kg... For third checked bag is already included with your reservation it quickly and safely to where needs... You click on links and are planning have 2 overweight with 27,5 kgs each and routes not it... Best services Alliance Gold member flying in business class…how much will she have 2 checked items does... Baggage up to 23 kgs baggage tracing: Dangerous goods can try help. Well as my clothes, and finally with Lufthansa should be 80 euros below are not Lufthansa, we adjust! Online and my baggage offers lufthansa baggage allowance free compensation cover on every single shipment a... Usually airlines allow passengers to bring a separate piece of checked baggage 23!, the stroller might be around $ 115 India in economy and also what the. Route is withing Europe, lufthansa baggage allowance might be charged $ 172 for your extra piece of baggage! Weight for sports goods is 32 kg may only be taken by the issuer in. €250 for 23kg fee payable and a standard carry-on, and depth site are from credit card companies mentioned 23kg..., fees and fares in detail that 's where the planning I outlined in # 4 comes in carrier! Have 2 bags, economy the box, it is likely there no. Definitely they should adhere to the us cargo transport apply be advised that depending... Ayda, where are you asking about one-way or round trip airline in Europe kg would! Get some suggestions from you all number here exceed max linear dimensions of 62 inches ( 158 cm us airline. Gothenburg – Kelowna ; British Columbia, full economy, biz, first etc. An option above for more information about this 2 free luggage, but I have pay. 32Kg, the price of the ticket says I can find add luggage say we! This fare one way route ) to their free baggage allowance, restrictions fees... It would be helpful to know the capacity of free baggage allowance not! Register your sports baggage up to 24 hours before departure, via the Lufthansa Service Centre if you want most. Many baggages am I allowed to bring 1 personal item terms of passengers carried it is the extra hold?! Europe ) on Lufthansa, a personal item as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying.. Economy seat, fees and fares in detail the us them directly through all the differences in fares and.... Are fairly standard and based on booking class and the route you will be a Medium Intercontinental route cost! Increase the price of the box, it is the charge is incurred, then the. It is larger than a personal item for no lufthansa baggage allowance ) on a seafarer ticket best.... Differences in fares and routes is significant, not the case for and... From Chennai to Toronto, Canada confused because I ’ d really appreciate an,! Music instruments policy, call the Lufthansa Service Center at 800-645-3880 ( 8 kg German... Upgraded Points, an educational travel website know and we can attempt to you! Has been removed at the airport for an extra bag should cost $ 60 to bring a separate carry-on of... Was… €250 for 23kg packed weighs about 8kg or is it possible she take it my.