One of the final scenes is of Lisa huddled on the ground, watching in helpless horror as droves of zombies encircle her. He decides to say good-bye and writes a note to Marge before setting off alone on one final journey. She desperately rushes to the door, only to find it locked. The Simpsons Movie. One of the plots in the episode deals with a visit to Krustyland Halloween Horror Night by Homer and Lisa. So take Modern Simpsons as it's own thing, detached from legendary, historical groundbreaking tv and just view it as an innocent half hour of animated comedy and let it be. And the truth is, we see Homer carry out the same punishment on Santa's Little Helper after it's been naughty. Created by graffiti artist Banksy, the gag goes on for well over a minute, and shows us the kind of work that is done overseas to create The Simpsons episodes and merchandise. In Season 13, bartender Moe is having a hard time finding success and happiness in his life. Saying Itchy and Scratchy, the cat and mouse duo from Bart and Lisa's favorite cartoon, go overboard with the violence would be stating the obvious. Yes, that is a real-world device, and yes, it does exactly what its name says. Then the scene changes, and we never find out what happened to the masseuse. Someone really needs to talk to the poor guy... We all know Goldilocks from the kid's fairy tales, right? She then goes into the kitchen and starts putting ingredients together and making cupcakes. After the credits roll, Moe can be seen repeatedly jumping up to try to kiss Perry, but he isn't tall enough. WARNING! It aired in the United States on Fox on March 1, 2020. This episode lacks a story and relies on filler to end the episode. What's even more messed up is we can actually very easily imagine such a scene playing out one day. This latest plot line would seem to suggest that The Simpsons, too, is buying into that tired old assumption. He loses his old job, even though he didn't really do anything wrong. We see Stanley cook the cafeteria soup with bits and pieces of messed up stuff still inside. He’s not a controversial character, and yet I still feel the need to try and rationalize whatever … and I don't think its that bad, there's still only a few poor episodes. Make an account! Really, the entire episode is one long line of 'Is this really happening?' There are good and bad episodes in "The Simpsons" and there has been a slight downgrade in quality since the 90s, but I still see "The Simpsons" as a quality show that still has the capacity for thoughtful and hilarious writing. Stanley was a cook who used to work in the school cafeteria. Since then, the series has spanned over 29 seasons, several TV specials, and a full length movie. At first refusing to believe that souls actually exist, Bart soon begins to experience an emptiness within. In its golden age, The Simpsons was silly, sweet, deep, fiercely political, absurd, sharp, sad and, above all, hilarious. That is exactly what you get if you take the first letters from the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology. ITEM TILE download. You're quite good at turning me on.'. Suffered absolutely no punishment? The chart is made up of the IMDb scores of the animation’s 679 episodes so far, with Lisa Goes Gaga rated as the worst in all of The Simpsons history. They come upon the three bears house, which Bart is about to enter until Lisa warns him about the bears. This is a wild story, and it's extremely controversial among fans for the way it retcons the Skinner character. Without missing a beat, Krusty advises Bob not to drop the Emmy in the showers. Homer keeps looking his father in the eyes. Be the first one to write a review. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Their questions are answered when the walls begin to bleed and objects begin to fly through the air, and Lisa senses an evil presence in the house. The things that happened were almost things that could happen to you. Professor Frink has always been the embodiment of the awkward, nerdy guy, more comfortable around machines than people.