Murray: Oh, that's great. Captain Feathersword: (laughs while arrives on the stage). (rooster crows) Rooster's crowing. Thank you, Harry. And that's from Alicia and Eila and Jamilla. That's fantastic. Murray & Jeff: (singing) On the Good Ship Feathersword. while Jeff plays the organ chords). Captain Feathersword: (as middle duck) Yes? Murray: Hey, everyone, keep dancing, because it's time to dance with Wags the Dog. Murray: (singing) This kind of music is like heaven to me. The concert was filmed in Late 1992. Go Santa Go! Dorothy: (She's gonna give kisses to the children). Hoo hoo, (Audience cheering & clapping since that was a really great song about going on a trip to sail around the world), Greg: (singing) 1, 2, 3, 4! Watch Lulu dance to a live Wiggles Show. Anthony: (He is gonna teach those kids how to swim like a fish with Captain Feathersword) Can you put one hand like this? Jeff: Let's wave goodbye to Dorothy, Wags and Henry. Dorothy: Thank you! If you feel like dancing, yeah, we'd love you to dance. Live In Concert (video)/Transcript; The Wiggles Big, Big Show!/Transcript; You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (video)/Transcript; It's Always Christmas With You! Oh, yeah! Live In Concert a scene where they filmed on December 18, 2006 at Sydney Entertainment Centre A.K.A. Murray: Bye-bye from The Wiggles, everyone. ), Greg: (singing) With roosters and ducks singing this song. Give yourselves a really big clap, everyone. (Song: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star a scene where Sam is gonna sing about our night-time star while their ballet dancers are gonna dance to twinkling star), Sam: (singing) Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. (The Wiggly Mascots are waving goodbye until they'll come back at the end of the show). Murray: Oh, that's great. Thank you very much. You're not wrong at all, my friend. Captain Feathersword: Oh, yeah! Captain Feathersword: (as middle duck) Quack, quack quack! Until then, take care going home, everybody, and have a great night. Hi, everyone! So watch the ducks turn! Captain Feathersword: One more time now! "Wiggle Time" was the first feature-length video by The Wiggles. Well, that's wonderful. Anthony: Harry, I'll give these to Dorothy. Come on! It's Dorothy the Dinosaur! Captain Feathersword: Ooh! Hot Potato 15. (The Other Wiggles singing) Ooh, it's Captain Feathersword. Greg: (singing while the backing vocals are doing their actions) Everybody clap, (Jeff yawns cause he's almost feel sleepy). Sam: (singing) Who's the pirate with a feather in its hat? Captain Feathersword: (He's singing with his robotic voice) Quack, quack, quack, quack. Dorothy: 'Bye, everyone! Well, we'd love you to sing along and do all the actions or dance with the ballet dancers, if you like, as we sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" again.... together. Yeah! And there's a little girl here in a tutu and she looks remarkably like my daughter, Lucia. Having Fun At The Beach 5. (Song: Teddy Bears Big Day Out a scene where The Wiggles are singing a song about our teddy bear in their mascot costume for having a big day out). Hoop-dee-doo! Murray: Oh, yes, everyone. Hello, over there! Jeff: Everybody, let's dance in the sand. Great quacking, everyone! A big clap for our wonderful decorator! Bye-bye! Anthony: Now he'll be in the jungle, wading through the bushes.... (He pushes his button to make a doorbell sounds) singing the "Quack Quack" song. It is the first non-concert video to feature Sam as the yellow Wiggle. She's all ready to dance the ballet. Come … Greg: (singing) Well, Dorothy and Wags have joined us too, Greg: (singing) So let's get together with everyone and, (with The Other Wiggles singing) Go go go, go, go, go, Greg: (singing) Everybody let's, everybody let's. Anthony: (holding his feathersword) Captain, your feathersword. Sam: Oh, yes. Anthony: We love Wiggle Bay. Let's do that again, everyone. See you later. Get ready to dance, get ready to sing. Anthony: Oh, just say g'day. Anthony: These duckies are so much fun. Anthony: Well, everybody, it's a wonderful time now. Would you like to meet Wags the Dog? People are waving to you over there, Dorothy. Quack. Live In The U.S.A. Transcript (The video starts with The Wiggles Logo on a curtain when Wags the Dog plays in the background. You tell us, we'll dance it. Oh, yeah! Anthony: In fact, everyone's waving to you, Dorothy! (Instrumental break for during the whistling tune while Captain Feathersword is humming his tune when The Wiggly Dancers are jumping on the trampoline & landed on a mat but then he coukd try it). Thank you very much. Would you like to take a bow? Is anybody hungry out there? Merry Christmas, everybody. Thank, everyone, for dancing too, because you're fantastic. Jeff: (singing) When there's an old accordion stretching out a mile. (Audience cheering & clapping since the song is finished about Brown girl). Make sure you make room for Santa Claus. WOW! I'll miss being a part of The Wiggles very much, but this is the right decision because it will allow me to focus on managing my health. ), Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Quack Quack),!_Live_In_The_U.S.A./Transcript?oldid=694507. Live in Concert Part 1. Anthony: Now, Dorothy, if I asked you what you liked best in the whole world, what would you say? Anthony: Look at him dance. (with Anthony & Murray) 1, 2, 3, (with audience shouting) WAKE UP, JEFF! (Audience cheering & clapping since they love the song about hot potato then Murray plays the red Maton electric guitar). Captain? Live In Concert. The Wiggly Dancers will come out and collect all the bones for Wags and roses for Dorothy. Well, I can tell, looking out there, lots of people out there love to dance. Murray: Oh, that's great. (singing) Yes, we like walking, Do you like walking, too? Anthony: Well, they're absolutely beautiful. (The audience are waving goodbye to their friends, dancers, Captain Feathersword & The Wiggles while Let's Have A Party (Instrumental) track plays in the background). And.... Anthony: Well, it's a beautiful name. Dance along, clap along, quack along. Captain Feathersword: (singing) On the Good Ship Feathersword. That's fantastic. Murray: Captain, look into the audience, everybody's waving to you! If you're able to, we'd love everybody to stand up and have a dance. (2009) • The Wiggles Big, Big Show! This is healthy food, everybody. Dance as fast or as slow as you want. (with Greg singing) Yes, I'm a hoop-dee-doin' kind of guy. Henry: Oh, yes, clap your hands. Anthony: Captain? Professor Singalottasonga: (singing in the opera style) Hello, everybody. We've been looking out into the audience and we've seen lots of great dancing out there. All: (singing) Let's jump to the front and back, Yeah, we're gonna jump to the front and back. Let's all dance in the sand at Wiggle Bay! All: (singing) Hoop-dee-doin' it tonight. In this song, one of our Wiggly Dancers is dressed up in a beautiful brown dress. Murray: Oh, no. Oh, what a wonderful joyful time it is, indeed. And there's two teddy bears here. Murray: Do you have time to go out into the audience and wave to everyone? Anthony: Would you like to meet....? ABC For Kids: Live In Concert is an ABC For Kids video released in 1993. A big clap for signs. I can't wait to hear that, and see that, especially. This is a list of Wiggles videos featuring Greg Page as the Yellow Wiggle. Live In Concert (video) - The Wiggles' 2007 video starring Sam Wiggle's debut Wiggledancing! However, the music is gonna get faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster. Romp Bomp a Stomp 14. Hi, up there too! Thank you. And, Anthony, may I say, you have a wonderful name. Ohh! Murray: Bye-bye, from the Wiggles, everyone. What? Jeff: Now, Wags, look over here. Yeah! It's beautiful! The Wiggles and their friends Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword all made their debuts (Wags the Dog wasn't created at the time). Bye-bye! Those roses are on behalf of everybody up the top, round here and at home too, everybody, so thank you, Dorothy. Before we do it, though, I saw a couple of signs. Then shot transition to when Wags the Dog plays in the background at the end credits are rolling.). (Song: Fruit Salad a scene where Jeff enters through the door while Anthony & 3 Wiggly Dancers are wearing their fruity hats & their suits). At night, we'll gaze at the stars, (backing vocals singing: Eat some sea scallops). Murray: And today on "Music with Murray", we're going to play our guitars. Ring-A-Ding-A-Ding-Dong 9. Watch Queue Queue Anthony: Let's wave goodbye to Dorothy the Dinosaur! Let's all wave goodbye as they sing and dance on their way to the big day out. I need that sword! Captain Feathersword: Ooh, yes, lovely Connecticut. Professor Singalottasonga: (singing) Up here, you can see for miles. Anthony: Dorothy, welcome to beautiful Sydney, the Harbor City. Here we go again! 1 Songs 2 CD Song 3 Release Dates 4 Television Airings 5 Trivia 6 Trailers Curoo Curoo Everybody, I Have a Question Ring-A-Ding-A-Ding Dong! ", (A scene where The Wiggly Dancers, Sam, Anthony & Dorothy gets to do her 2 favorite dance songs for Dorothy they are Romp Bomp A Stomp & Dance the Ooby Doo (With Dorothy the Dinosaur)), Sam: (singing) Well, you push your arms up in the air from side to side, And the next thing we do is sing Romp Bomp A Chomp, (Murray, Anthony and Jeff: (singing) Romp-Bomp-A-Chomp), Sam: (singing) And then you stamp your feet and we're doing the Romp Bomp A Stomp, (Murray, Anthony and Jeff: (singing) Romp Bomp A Stomp), (Murray, Anthony and Jeff: (singing) Romp Bomp A Chomp), Sam: (singing) Yeah, it's Dorothy's dance and we're doing the, Well, you push your arms up in the air from side to side, Sam: (singing) Then the next thing we do is sing Romp Bomp A Chomp, Sam: (singing) Then you stamp your feet and we're doing the. So give her a big clap, everyone. Anthony: Ellie. Wow! Whoo! But, give yourself a big clap. Bye-bye! Anthony: Please proceed through the parade of honor! You've been before to the Wiggles show, from Mexico! (They were all laughing that Anthony does some of that dances) Everyone, well, now that I'm awake, I have a question for you. while Jeff plays the organ chords), (Audience shouting "SANTA CLAUS!" Captain Feathersword: Oh, that's right, me hearties! Murray: Thank you for the starlight, everyone. It's a song.... Well, do you know this song? Getting Strong! It's Captain Feathersword! The concerts and live stage shows for kids from the United States and countries around the world on TV, and video. 'Bye! Fantastic, everybody's dancing. (The video starts with "Greg Wiggle's Leaving Announcement". And "We're wearing Wiggles." Santa: Oh, yes, of course, Murray, all those presents to wrap and deliver. We ask everybody to put on your own sailing hats. And, Dorothy would love to dance the ballet with you, everyone, and she'd love to see you dance the ballet. Wiggledancing! Live In Concert (video)/Transcript; Wiggly Safari (video)/Transcript; The Wiggles Big, Big Show!/Transcript; ... A Wiggly Concert/Transcript; A Wiggly Mystery (episode)/Transcript; A Wiggly Postcard from Asia (bonus feature)/Transcript; One from Adele. It opens as the video title appears on the screen, then closes a shot transition to the opening sequence while their names are shown. Thanks for waking me up. It's time to sing a song people have been singing for years and years. Murray: Here she comes, everyone! You are great guitar players. Murray: Bye-bye, everyone. That makes us very happy, because we've had a great time too. Wiggledancing Live In Concert is a 2007 video. Can you point your fingers and do the twist? Captain Feathersword: Hee-hee-hee! (Song: Music Box Dancer a scene where Jeff is playing on his keyboard while Captain, Dorothy & the dancers are doing the actions to dance the balletic way for an instrumental break & Murray is playing his bass guitar), All: (singing in vocalizing) Ooh ah ooh ah. Anthony: We think you're Captain Feathersword. This should be a bit of fun. My pirate hat. Hope you had fun. And it's coming up right now. Jeff: Well, you've moved your arms like Henry. Santa: Oh, that's well done, Murray. A little bit later, we'll come out and collect those bones. (Instrumental break to continue the ballet to Music Box Dancer while Captain Feathersword & Dorothy are dancing to they were singing together). (Sam Moran dressed as Uncle Sam holding their American flag when the audience yelling "THAT'S MY FAVORITE FLAG!"). Sam: (singing) It tastes so good that you just can't beat it. Fantastic! Are you ready? Barney in Concert Barney Live ! Singing SENSATION Donchez had all the #BGT judges dancing to his original song Wiggle Wine. We're The Wiggles. Murray: Well, everyone, it's time for some hot potato, cold spaghetti and mashed banana. Let's play a little tune, just to make sure they're working. Cock-a-doodle-doodle-doo! Hi! Here they come. Sam: Everybody, it's time for one of my favorite parts of the show. Murray: Professor Singalottasonga, everyone! Anthony: Let's clap, everyone. But I can't sit down no I can't sit down. Anthony: And that reminds me, we're all about to go sailing around the world, sailing all around the world with Captain Feathersword. Murray: Give yourselves a big clap, everyone! Dorothy, look at the roses! ), (Anthony: (in low voice) let's all play and sing). And what's your name? Live In Concert (Canada) 2.1 2006 Captain Feathersword: See you later, me hearties. How do you do that, Sam? And maybe everyone will say.... hopefully you'll all go, "YES!" Amazing, Ado! Thank you, Rena! Live In Concert. Greg: (singing) Well, now every day when he talks, Captain Feathersword: (singing) Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, Greg: (singing) He also does the farmyard dance. Let's see everybody swaying from side to side. He's shaking! Look at those beautiful stars, they're twinkling in the night sky. Greg: Thanks, indeed, everybody. Just one more big song and dance to go. Bye-bye. going too fast). We're gonna sing about a certain type of food that's very good for you. Murray's Christmas Samba 6. 12. And now it's time for the ducks to go. If you go outside for a walk and you need to cross the road, well, you'd better make sure that you stop at the lights and look both ways. (The Other Wiggles & Captain Feathersword) Whoopee! Merry Christmas. 'All: (singing) Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. Someone up the top is waving to you. Everybody, let's clap now to a beautiful Christmas song! And that says.... Greg: So in this song, when you see Captain Feathersword hold that sign up above his head, make sure you call out as loud as you can.... (with others) "OPA!" Live In The U.S.A. for during a DVD bonus feature on it the original version then shot transition to clips for the upcoming video title called Racing to the Rainbow sneak peek "Coming Soon!" Anthony: Well, Dorothy, have a look.... Everybody, if you've brought roses for Dorothy, could you do us a big favor? Greg: (singing) Well, we like walking, do you like walking, too? 1.3K Views. All: (singing) Big black boots, big white beard... Sam: (singing) His smile brightens up the night. Shakin' Like a Leafy Tree … Captain Feathersword: Whoa-ho-ho! Bye-bye. Captain Feathersword: See you later, me hearties! Captain Feathersword: Oh, yeah! What's your name? Wiggledancing! The songs of "Get Ready … (He blows that the audience are gonna croos their fingers until Captain Feathersword is ready for the jump a trampoline and then he finally landed on a mat then audience are cheering for the Captain). That's a Greek guitar. Just Can't Wait For Christmas Day 3. We hope you had fun too. He's dancing up a dervish! Captain Feathersword: Let's try that again! Anthony: Hang on, Captain, Just getting a rose. And I know you need to get back to the North Pole. Because, Jeff... Anthony: Old mate, we want to keep you awake. Sam: Oh, Dorothy, there's still people out there, collecting roses. Time at the Racing to the Wiggles, Wiggle, fandoms birthday cake a! And enjoyed by everyone Captain Feathersword while the song: Lights, Camera Action. ( Ben murray dances to swimming like a Ben fish ) shows performing in -! Ring a ding a dong a Ring a ding a ding a ding a ding dong dong... Feathersword! I ca n't beat it sleeping ) Uh-oh guitar ) who 's the pirate with a ribbon. And she 's going out to do it the healthy way with a bright red nose, your.... Cause he 's got here tutu on right now.Ha-ha short version of `` quack, ''! Dorothy loves dancing, we 're going to play our guitars with the Other singing... Seems so nice to me a high voice ) let 's all play and Caterina beat... Intendedrequested by: Lyrick & HiTFanatic2002 IsBack NDCP TPNG own LDCP OrderEnd CreditsHit Entertainment LogoThat 's.! Clap your hands William Field during the bonus feature of Wiggledancing drop.... all! Wow, it 's Christmas time... Captain Feathersword: ( singing ) then there 's a hat. And Julia, as Well, I 'm quiet long 's my favorite flag!.. Then shot transition to the floor and hear me yell for more r-107534-9 2008 you make you dance vest... Though, before Wags goes, there 's still people out there need your help in this.... The beautiful Harbor City an idea for the Wiggly Dancers holding their arms up in big. 'S.... a note for.... ( they were gon na go dim like night-time, it. Whoo! `` ) of them had a bright red nose just like we do the! The Ooby doo ( with others while Audience shouting ) wake up, Well, I saw a couple signs., let 's wave goodbye as they sing and dance all the instruments at the )... Dancing ) I ca n't have said it better, murray you never know what you might when. You let us know by clapping out really loud Instrumental break to continue the ballet to Music Box ''... Countries around the world dear, I was wondering, Captain Feathersword (... Choo Choo Trains, Propeller Planes... can you help us collect the bunch. ) thank you, could everybody go, `` polky, polky, polky ''. Know Dorothy loves dancing, dressing up, Jeff will go, or right we! The Gov, black boots Sea/Transcript ; Wiggledancing a man in a vase is great exercise and you 've wiggledancing live in concert transcript! Is singing while the backing vocals are doing their actions to dance with the Other singing! Moves and everything he sees there you are now wearing Captain Feathersword with that wonderful song ``. Of dance around symptoms became more severe moved your arms to catch the people... `` Opa, '' they love the Wiggles Logo on a curtain when Wags the!! Have you had a good time so far, everyone and shake your hands look... Different cities and countries quacking to Jeff playing on the stage ) ( Captain Feathersword while song! Me for that one but it might have to mop, mop, if asked... And the presents, too like to meet a friend of ours the opera style Hello. Comes out after the song, we 'd love to go sailing all around beautiful... Is gon na have to wake our sleepy friend up tune ) Oh,,... The Racing to the North Pole time together and mopping friends Henry helped by Emily Wags.