"name": "Can you parlay moneyline and spread? The point spread is more geared toward those who wish to prioritize a stable odds return—again, moneylines usually bring back -110—and who have the utmost confidence in favorites winning games in dominant fashion. Assume you've perused the latest NBA betting odds and come across the following game line: Los Angeles Lakers (-250) vs. Detroit Pistons (+350). They are the wagers both newbies and pros use, staples that are easy to understand because they deal with the outcomes of straight events or, in some cases, future bets. Use all of the aforementioned information we presented to you as your guide when looking to choose a bet, though. If you consistently bet on favorites, you will need a high win-loss percentage to cover for your losses. ", The total score is irrelevant in this bet. Pennsylvania Casino Gambling Faces Uphill Battle, Greyhound Racing is Officially Banned in Florida, 100% up to $500 + $500 at BetDsi's Casino. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They tell you how much you need to wager in order to make a $100 profit. },{ "@type": "ListItem", Sure, the Patriots' +150 line might be intriguing. Moneyline: Bucs +145, Saints -171 Total: Over 52 points (-115), Under 52 points (-105) Despite having the most playoff wins in NFL history with 31, you might be surprised to learn Brady is just 19-20 against-the-spread (ATS) in his postseason career. Betting point spreads come in handy if you're confident in favorites pulling off a blowout, regardless of what the game line actually says. New Orleans’ search for a win to move back to .500 was made much tougher on Monday as it was announced that Kristaps Porzingis would make his season debut for Dallas vs. the Pelicans. },{ "@type": "Question", Let's begin with the moneyline, the most basic wager of all. } However, with the moneyline option, this is only true if you bet on the underdog. "acceptedAnswer": { Underdogs always payout more than 1-to-1 (New England is 1.5-to-1 here) while all point-spread bets typically return -110. When it comes to betting on MLB, the moneyline is what appeals most to people. Covering the spread means that a team has beaten the predicted margin stated by sportsbooks. Unlike multiple betting, point spread betting involves using a median number calculated by a bookmaker, when two teams are competing against each other. However, moneylines tend to be preferred by bettors who focus their energies on the MLB or NHL. For the NHL, there seems to be a good mix between the moneyline and the puck line. Overall, spreads are usually definitively better in games where there is a clear favorite to win. The minus sign (-) always indicates the favorite. They deal more in having you cover certain point differentials. This means that you not only need them to beat Clemson but that they have to do so by seven ore more points, lest your wager is deemed a miss. Betting on sports gives you a ton of options. Jets vs. Seahawks betting odds, picks, and a prediction for this Week 14 matchup. The -6 and +6 are the point spread which are used in a spread bet. Now, if you're interested in underdog wagers, the point spread is especially useful if you aren't sure whether they'll actually win. Conversely, if LSU covers the spread, it means they've lost by fewer than seven points or actually taken home the W. There are a few different reasons why sports gamblers prefer moneylines to point spreads. Of course, you also win if they beat the odds and win the game. Negative moneylines indicate the favorite, in this case, the Lakers. This is really all you need to know for now. } "@type": "Question", For example, you may be angry that the Cleveland Browns lost last weekend and may miss the playoffs, so you slot them to lose their next game by 20 points even though they are playing a bad team. With moneylines and spreads being the most popular types of bets at online sportsbooks, a lot of gamblers are faced with the “moneyline vs point spread” dilemma on a daily basis. "itemListElement":[ However, as a general, moneylines overall force bettors to pay more juice in situations where there is a clear favorite. "@type": "Question", "position":1, Both moneylines and points spreads have their uses for everyone. "item": "https://www.gambling360.com/" "@context":"http://schema.org", { "name": "Home", ", In general, the simplest answer to the point spread vs moneyline debate is that both are great betting options. "position": 1, Unlike the moneyline, not all of your options consist of forecasting who will take this game. The Spread Moneyline Converter is used by bettors to find week Money Lines offered by sportsbooks. "@type": "Answer", However, if you bet on the Seattle Seahawks, all you need is for the team to lose by fewer than 7 points. Even championship favorites will frequently payout better than 1-to-1 because you're pitting them against the entire league, not just one team. MONEYLINE Oklahoma Sooners vs. Iowa State Cyclones Saturday, December 19, 2020 – 12 PM ET at AT&T Stadium Iowa State won this game outright in … BetQL's Sloan Piva breaks down the NFL Week 16 odds and highlights his favorite spread, moneyline, and over/under picks, which include the Bengals, Steelers, Cardinals, and 49ers. By doing that, though, you're also pigeonholed to a specific outcome: The Patriots have to win, otherwise, you lose. True Money Line: How to use our College Basketball Spread to Moneyline Converter The chart below plots what the true money line on a game should be based on the posted spread. You should not treat moneylines any differently when you're gambling on futures - which, for those who don't know, are bets in which you're predicting a distance outcome, usually a division, conference, or championship victory. How to watch: Thunder vs. Nuggets Advice and However, for the NBA and NFL, people primarily bet on games using the point spread. Point spread: Thunder +9.5 Moneyline: Thunder +340/Nuggets -450 Over-under: 220.5 Place your legal, online sports bets in CO, IN, MI, NV, NJ, PA, TN and WV at BetMGM. The -170 and +150 are money lines which are used in moneyline bets. Jets-Rams Total: Hammer the Under While I … Of course, because moneyline and point spread wagers are so absurdly popular, they often get confused for another. "@type":"SiteNavigationElement", ", "url":"https://www.gambling360.com/" Here are some of the pros that come with making moneyline bets: Here are some of the reasons you may want to ignore moneyline bets: In the debate of money line vs spread betting, there isn’t a clear answer to which is better. It's simpler. Often, paying attention to statistics needed to make better spread bets allow you to understand team momentum better. "name": "Moneyline vs Point Spread Betting, if you want to bet on a favorite and the moneyline bet has terrible odds (for example, you need to bet $500 to win $100), don’t do it). They can’t Crimson Tide are 19.5-point favorites ove the Irish. "text": "Again, this depends on the bet. Either the favorite wins by more points than predicted, or the underdog loses by fewer than predicted." Whether the spread is available as spread aren’t available on every sport. }] What is point spread in betting? When you're betting on this, you're trying to choose the winner of an outcome. "name": "What does cover the spread mean? { If you are unsure of how to read odds, we have a dedicated guide that explains how to do such, which we recommend you have a look at. "@type":"SiteNavigationElement", "item": "https://www.gambling360.com/guide/" Along with over/unders, moneylines are a great place to start your adventure into. Whether one is more useful than the other depends on the type of bet, you're confidence in your decision, and how much you're trying to ensure that you can win. }. Moneyline As of Monday morning, the Crimson Tide are -315 on the moneyline. Spread bets allow you to bet on your favorite team, even if they are terrible. "name": "Is it better to bet spread or moneyline? Advice and prediction Setting aside the Ball vs. Ball That's it. Both spread bet options allow you to bet a small amount to win a fairly good return. "acceptedAnswer": { Like with single games, this means that for every $100 you place on them, you'll net a $450 profit should they actually win the Super Bowl. Super Bowl odds are considered a moneyline future. Moneyline betting involves fewer variables, and simplicity is a good thing. This obviously increases the risk attached to your bet, but it's a worthwhile route to consider if you have strong inklings as they pertain to league titles. Then, they post the number of points they expect the favorite to win the match by. So if you laid $100 down on the Pistons' moneyline against the Lakers, you'd have a chance to nab a total payout of $450, for a $100 profit. },{ Let's stick with the NFL. However, a $100 bet on the Seahawks would win you $435. If the point spread is low, such as +2.5, the odds will likely be greater to just bet that team to win outright rather than succumb to their opponent by two or fewer points. Spread betting is slightly more complicated than moneyline betting. Contemplating the moneyline for favorites is a little bit more difficult. Moneyline Vs Spread Betting: Which is Better? This Month’s Top Online Sports Betting Site. We advise you to take the Seahawks moneyline. Rockets Prediction: NBA Odds, Point Spread January 20, 2021 Victor Oladipo, a key piece of the James Harden trade, finished with 32 points and … These bets don't have you predicting a winner necessarily. }] And this will help you make better future bets on which team will cover the spread. "@type": "Answer", We all love to bet on the spread, but sometimes the money line … Spread: Alabama: -17.5 (-105) Florida: +17.5 (-115) Moneyline: Alabama: -1100 Florida: +675 Over/Under: O/U: 74.5 Over: -110 Under: -110 Gannett may earn revenue from audience referrals to betting services. You can parlay moneylines and spreads but not on the same game. "@type": "Answer", "name": "Guide", "description": "Moneyline vs Point Spread Betting", We advise you to take the Rams moneyline. "position":2, Let’s use the Packers/Bears game as an example again. We have created the ultimate guide to answer all your questions related to the moneyline vs point spread debate. }] When you are deciding to bet on the underdog, it’s always important to consider both the NFL moneyline and the point spread. We’ll give you the latest point spread, moneyline odds and over-under number, as well as the information you’ll need to make the smartest bet on BetMGM. "acceptedAnswer": { However, with the moneyline option, this is only true if you bet on the underdog. (You might notice a pattern with high vs low scoring sports already). ", And if that's not an issue, it can also be tough to decide which bet to place depending on the situation. Given the unpredictability of sports, this isn’t always possible. },{ }, As explained above, spreads don’t require a team to win outright for a bet to be correct. By going this route, you guarantee yourself as almost a 1-to-1 return. ", Nets vs. Celtics: Spread, moneyline for Brooklyn's last preseason game Share this article share tweet text email link Nick Friar December 18, 2020 2:00 pm The Brooklyn Nets play the Boston Celtics on Friday, and if you’re . The Lakers' hypothetical line means you need to gamble $250 to secure a potential payout of $350. "text": "Covering the spread means that a team has beaten the predicted margin stated by sportsbooks. Just note that 3-way moneylines don’t include overtime. Whereas point spreads tend to be a little bit advanced and the cost is always relatively constant. The odds available on the moneyline and spread (i.e. Point spread betting differs from your over under or moneyline bets. Browns vs. Chiefs Point spread: Chiefs -9.5 Point total: 54.5 Moneyline: Browns +350, Chiefs -480 The Browns feasted on a bevy of turnovers the Steelers forked up, without giving the ball away at all in the first round. They have more versatility. Point spreads tend to be more popular when gamblers bet on leagues such as the NFL and the NBA. You can get into parlay bets for moneylines and futures, but the information we've outlined here is the basis for which every moneyline investment should be made. Look at our example lines above. Quite simply, when debating which to use on your next bet, you should focus on three factors: Once you have looked at all of these factors, you will be able to make a decision on whether to go for the moneyline or the spread. Point spreads presented with a minus sign represent the favorite, and you would read this line as LSU giving 6.5 points. But a quick glimpse on both: the moneyline is a basic way to wager on who will win a specific game. whether you feel comfortable with all the research required for a spread bet). The point spread, however, appeals mostly to people betting on the NFL and the NBA. All this theory may seem very confusing, so here is an example that may help clear things up a bit if you are a bit lost.

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