And I’ll be looking forward to the female version of the post if you guys end up doing it! Because it’s at once lean and muscular. There’s always going to be women in a so called ‘percentage zone’ who will like you, yeah even if you are on far ends of fat, skinny, or built. Most women think the bodybuilder look eg Arnold Schwarznegger is gross. Don’t get me wrong either though, because I’m not claiming that having a good body doesn’t matter or that women really find rock star guy more attractive then Brad Pitt. In more normal conditions, I bet he would have been rated as having one of the most attractive male physiques. Ahahaha looks like we’ve confirmed at least some of the results of the survey — men do indeed prefer Zyzz! Foxhound Studio ^ That shows the % of women who favored that physique most of all. Women want to avoid that drama (and danger). They affect the score, many girls like them. Brad Pitt’s body came out in first place, with 23% of women saying that his torso was the sexiest male physique overall. I mean I’ve seen some guys that are ripped and look awesome, but then I see other guys (some that pair with those same guys in workout routines) that are also packing some muscle on and it just doesn’t look good on them. And we did seek out respondents from within the fitness industry. Let’s break it down quick and find out what ladies truly desire. It would be fair to assume that because bodybuilders are consistently being ranked as having worse physiques by women, that they’d have trouble dating. Tall slim guys can be super cute! In the end, though, even if you stray too much in any one of these areas.. men just find women that are trying, and that have decent success, sexy as fuck. Get out of the gym and meet people, you might actually learn that you’re wrong and delusional. These days we expect it in moderation, not in excess. If women are to be believed in valuing a guy’s personality, then they may rank the bodies based on the personality they expect, ie a fat guy would have a gem of a personality. And thank you for this test. Also, I’ve heard girls try to cap on really muscular and good looking guys also. Personally the male choice in the final set of images is the ideal for most I would guess. unless you have lost your mind and want to die looking like an alien. Its fascinating how the comments proved the survey was right. Look thick. Even with a bench press up around 315 pounds, which is quite remarkable, I don’t think you’d be passing that upper limit of natural muscularity. The results seem like they’ll be interesting. Period.”, 89.2% of women say that a man taking care of his health is important to them Not the body. A smile goes a long way. Ideal female and male body shapes exaggerate stereotypical sexual characteristics: big breasts, big bottoms, narrow waists for women; broad chests and big biceps for men… I would hope not, but perhaps women would have been biased by a man’s skin colour instead of just his degree of leanness and muscularity. I want the body that girls wll like. You guys have to consider the population when reading articles like this. This means that half of the men who completed the survey wanted to have the physique that women find the least attractive. I think your article probably notes some basic preferences of women. One day I took a look in the mirror and felt that I looked like a monster and althought I was as strong as an ox, I was always last in a race with my slimmer, fitter friends, I couldn’t fit into some rides at Disneyworld. Trust me when I say I’ve seen it and heard it through over 50 years of life experience. I can’t take being without it. I’m not tall, I’m of average height (5’9) and I don’t have a distinctly attractive face. What degree of muscularity is most attractive? Perhaps most surprising of all, the starving sex icon Ville Valo beat out Frank Zane, the king of bodybuilding aesthetics. 75% of women want their man to be stronger than them. This could have been a useful article but they completely blew it. Typically guys don’t want to starve themselves to stretch their skin that tightly. You may think you’re a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1-10 but women would rate you an 2 or 3. The rest can go to hell. Get over yourselves. Of all the bodies […]. Always looking for the diamond in the rough who doesn’t need to work hard. He also has a low body fat percentage and you can see it in his abs. Excellent article, i cant wait to hit the gym again once i return home from travelling. But I’ve seen guys “dubbed” more handsome than me draw all kinds of interest, and they didn’t even lift! The results come from a poll taken by lingerie brand Bluebella. You know the way men feel when they look at pictures of female body builders?? They think his arms are great. People are now mega-paranoid about drugs or any possibly harmful subtances (outside recreational use that is). If I looked like Frank Zane I could care less what the fairer sex thought of me. Even Christian Bale would tell you that he wasn’t born looking like Christian Bale. A very interesting, entertaining, well-written and sensible (albeit predictable) study. Small boobs > massive boobs Lots of guys here seem to have a boner for zyzz. Brad Pitt does have the sexiest bod! Sory for my english. “The b-tches are just choosing what they think is attainable for them, hence the low number of choices for Zyzz.”. That means men and women view "ideal body types" or “ideal body measurements” totally not the same. What difference do you think those names would make? Physical attractiveness is the degree to which a person's physical features are considered aesthetically pleasing or beautiful.The term often implies sexual attractiveness or desirability, but can also be distinct from either. Anyway the point is that I would take these results with a grain of salt. 7% of women preferred men with completely shaved pubic hair. Choosing a partner who’s physical appearance is several magnitudes better than hers doesn’t bod well for her self esteem. Anything in excess is unhealthy, but body builders in general are not excessively muscular. What’s interesting is that Anthony Ketis’ and Brad Pitt’s bodies are similar in a lot of ways. Oh and when I was big I seemed to attract a lot of girls who weren’t exactly mentally stimulating. The ideal male body—is it possible to be too muscular? Pussy wetness uber-alles: I’m sorry, but […]. If we have 72 Brad Pitt and 12 Henry Rollins like men… If you read the article, we explain why guys like Zyzz are so successful with women: because men with exceptionally developed physiques are scarcer than the women who prefer those physiques. As expected, the guy who looked naturally strong and fit was rated as having the most attractive male body, beating out the guys who weren’t muscular enough, as well as the guys who were considered overly musclebound. He died at age 22 of a heart attack related to steroid abuse. This study is flawed in so many ways, its useless. The data and results were overwhelming, and I can no longer take surveys seriously without looking at the subjects themselves. Was it because of steroid abuse? That is a healthy goal, if done properly. It's not easy for guys who aren't in great shape to choose their body type on their dating profile. Is that narcissism? Does that change what she finds attractive in a male body? (My best friend’s quote about my other friend’s rise from slightly ripped to huge: “He used to look cute, but now he looks like a monster!”). Small booty > kardashian booty And CONFIDENCE will get you infinitely more girls than mucles (not douchey confidence btw). In last place, with just 1% of the votes, we have Adrien Brody. This study is right inline with any male that doesn’t have low-esteem or isn’t brain washed. Some people love “emaciators, chubsters and steroid monkeys” (way to body-shame), and some women (and men) don’t care what their partner looks like because human sexuality and relationships are diverse and complex. He is listed as 6′ tall and was only about 160lbs. MY SOUL? But to achieve this ratio, you can’t just mindlessly workout like every other guy in the gym. So be sure to do your situps, always engage your abs when doing most activities. Much better all around. This lines up with almost all research looking into muscularity and attractiveness. I think you’re right. Swole acceptance brah! Haha. With that being said I have been training for around 10 years with a few month breaks due to sickness etc and i can tell you from firsthand experience that once i started to pack on some serious muscle and definition in my physique the woman came a flockin’. Most women like the Brad Pitt’s look. Less than D’s but still enough to bounce when running or to be able to “show cleavage” in certain clothes. Ofcourse not. Is there another way to look like Christian Bale? I will find a nice compromise (Brad Pitt was 155 lbs in the picture that women loved at the top). 29% of women preferred men who were smoothly shaved. Thank you. But you will always be in a minority. Same as the numerous articles with guys claiming they would prefer the average woman over a VS Model (for ex). […] women agree on and this fantastic article, built around solid scientific study, has borne this out: The Ideal Male Physique — What girls want & what guys want to be. They want to run the show. Now that we know the perfect male body type according to females. Finally, we showed women all of the photos at once and asked them to pick their absolute favourite male physique. it’s counter intuitive. Define your surroundings don’t let them define you or else you have no personality. It is the mesomorphic body which, according to a man, makes a perfect woman. That pole might change significantly. Useless article. Get over it. Hey Armani, 1000 responses is actually quite a lot, even for peer-reviewed studies that use a survey format like this one. They told us that they chose his body because it looked “natural and fit.” In second place, with 24% of votes, is Ryan Reynolds, who women said was less attractive because he was “excessively ripped.” I think a lot of it comes from the kind of guys the surveyed girls are used to dating/seeing in the real world. That’s not to say that a hot bod won’t turn heads in a crowded room. Have you not seen the women mirin him at festivals and in malls. They just don’t look right to me. or Zyzz’s body? There have been studies done looking into the choices certain subjects make, and how they are based on their own personal insecurities. I totally believe the survey. But then again a bear belly is even less attractive. For the average woman there is already tremendous pressure on how she should look. This was confusing to me, until I really looked more into it. However, less than 1% of preferred the massive Hell’s Angels-style beards. However, if you are looking at the perfect male body type, it can only be judged by what women find most attractive. For the average woman, the ideal height of a man is 5’11”. Shane’s biggest mistake was using Zyzz in his article. I’m 42 years old. Note that these are approximate values, and they are intended to be used only as a rough guide. In fact, he likely puts more effort into his physique than Ryan Reynolds does, it just doesn’t look that way. I can’t take the constant pain that you provide. >2012 Discipline used to be a noble trait in a person. This survey says absolutely nothing about attractiveness based on skin colour. Sure are a lot of sour grapes in this survey. And no, they were not ugly and fat scarecrows, there’s been models, caucasian, asian, young, older, well trained, even a couple of reserved women (which I’m not too proud of, but shit happens). Think of it this way: if 1/100 women prefer dating bodybuilders, but only 1/1000 men is a successful bodybuilder, then you have a situation where ten women are competing for every single bodybuilder. Women are always complaining about being judged on their looks, but they do the same thing to men, just as cruelly. zyzz will win most of the time. Does that make her stupid? Science said that, too, and yours is wack.). The fucking women were getting so hot the bouncers had to keep them from jumping up on stage. According to researchers from the University of Texas, scientifically-speaking, the perfect woman should be able to fulfill the functions for evolution and procreation.The criteria to fulfill this are: attractiveness to the opposite sex, fertility, capacity for child-bearing, and overall health. Sometimes they don’t even know. That takes 3 months to achieve. Very interesting! But I think if you are ripped, intelligence is an important factor as opposed to being some thick meathead retard. You do know that ‘Zyzz’ has been dead for 5 years don’t you? That means men and women view "ideal body types" or “ideal body measurements” totally not the same. I sincerely hope the comments by women there are as flattering to men as the comments here are to women. Now, some of you may say “it doesn’t matter what women like, lifting weights is done for yourself.” and they’d be right, to a point. To me this is discouraging people who want to be their absolute best self. Men don’t always have there shirts off.. I’m gonna answer that by a criteria, that being what women like the most out of a male’s body. In theory it sounds great, of course you’d like it if the man you love got “better” looking. asking women what they want in terms of aesthetics? Sure if you take some photos and put them next to one another the guy with the Brad Pitt body might win. In this photo array, we found photos of guys in speedos and had women rank their physiques from the most attractive to the least attractive. Trust me guys, I’m 45 yrs old, you’ll grow out of wanting to impress the ‘chicks’ as you get older. Body aesthetics have their place, but the other myriad of factors that contribute to female attraction make it pretty foolhardy to believe a freaky huge body will be the single largest factor in getting a women anyway, regardless of results shown in this study. Brad Pitt was rated as having the sexiest male body by 73% of women. More specifically, what is the ideal male body type according to us hetero females? Lol at this, girls are just intimidated by the Zyzz physique, he tops everyone else (no homo). That’s not something we’re interested in. Not too muscular. 19% of women chose Bob Harper’s body as the most attractive overall. It surely will. The ideal female body according to the men (the one shown on the left in each pair, above) had a BMI of 18.82, a waist-to-hip ratio ratio of.70, and a waist-to-chest ration of.67. We also wanted to see what men would guess would be the most attractive male body type to women. Sounds good on paper, though for those of you struggling to conjure up an image of what those dimensions look like in real life, this is it. It’s similar to what women want, I think. I think the only real risk of taking it too far would be if you start taking steroids and/or diet down to under 8% body-fat. Naturally fit and athletic?? stop lying. It’s the tip of the iceberg as to the ‘issues’ you’d find amongst many hardcore bodybuilders. Measure the circumference of your shoulders at their widest point (this is typically halfway between your collarbone and your nipples). Hah. None have the bulked up There are a lot of guys in poor shape who are competing for a very small number of women. To even approach something akin to an empirical study, the researchers would need to remove external modifiers like the “bad boy” vibe those images convey because those elements create the potential for bias towards one image over another due to factors that are outside of what they were trying to assess. A confound/flaw to this study is the fact that not all pictures are standardized in terms of the background, the pose, lighting, tattoos on the body etc. My energy levels are higher. What the heck? Wrong. Women have no idea what they want. So so so… When you have a shirt on, studies suggest shoulders are the first thing to work on followed by bi’s and tri’s for men. You then take your shirt off expecting women to drool over your muscles, instead they look disgusted.Even mocking you. 38% said that being physically strong was important. If we look at the girls who self-identified as being interested in fashion, there’s an even stronger preference for thinner builds. Right on. 63% of women said that Bob Harper, the celebrity personal trainer from The Biggest Loser, had the most attractive best male body. If it offends you somehow that they only used see white guys for their experiment why don’t you make your own with whatever kind of guys you like instead of making childish snide and silly remarks? It isn’t make up or plastic surgery it requires thousands of hours of intense mental and physical domination; the motivation of pleasing the fickle mind of a capricious girl is nowhere near enough to do it. Be CONFIDENT but not Obsessive It’s less natural looking. I used to hear a lot of chicks telling me they thought I probably slept around a lot (due to my looks) and therefore avoided me, or they thought I was a player and wouldn’t settle down. Dude was ripped and popular, now dead. But if there is a guy with naturally good looks and a lean, fit body cut from an active lifestyle rather than hours and hours at the gym, they’ll pick that because that guy not only exudes natural confidence (which is scientifically and unscientifically proven to be the number one quality that females consciously and/or unconsciously seek in males), but it also says to a female: I don’t need to waste a lot of time to look this good. Only gay guys like the really massive muscular men. As a guy with the Henry Rollins body I will gladly admit adult women prefer Zyzz’s physique. Click here to find out what body types men find most attractive. When women see a guy with chiseled abs, they imagine a guy who cares about his appearance so much that he eats plain low-sodium boiled chicken breasts and unsalted broccoli all day. Bringing the entire article down to these few points is probably distilling it a bit too much, so READ the article: Be fit and healthy and ENJOY it I’m sure it’s been said but no-one achieves a godly physique like Zane or Zyzz thinking about what women are looking for. Then we asked men to guess which bodies the women had picked. That said zyzz has the best body known to man. ALL women. I mean, of course I do? It would be appropriate to always mention HETEROSEXUAL women in order to avoid lesbian erasure. Strong article is strong. As a young woman, I prefer guys who are slim/lean but not anorexic-looking. If Zyzz got so many women with his body, why did he have to fly to Thailand to get laid like every other loser? To compare muscles to plastic surgery or fake face girl is beyond idiotic. Such issues as caused by things such as high visibility and uncomfortable attention in social settings, opinions of friends (ie friend envy or jealousy), race or nationality, tattoos, skin tone or complexion, etc. I’ve been with my thin guy for 5 years, and suddenly he started “sprouting muscles”. The sample size is ridiculously small. all I know is, the moderately built dude (most of them are just puffed up short dudes)in the corner sulking and waiting to start a fight is not the one the girls are trying to get with. Add on top of that a society that now values quality time above aesthetics, and you have a picture that illustrates that people prefer experiences over material possessions. […] look how we are all clueless about look and no women do not like xyzz or whatever his name is: Foxhound Studio Reply With Quote « ADULT Content: Female Hypergamy: The […]. It shows all that matters in the end is PERSONALITY, therefore intelligence. If you look at the straight numbers, you’ll see that the majority of women, at least on paper, prefer a lean, muscular, tall […], […] those of us around my age—32—is Brad Pitt’s body in Fight Club. Why the hell would Zyzz go to Thailand of all places to get women? Let’s break it down quick and find out what ladies truly desire. moral of the survey, Zyzz and Zane win. Wow. Oh, and, uh, I forgot to tell you: you can’t believe what women say they like. Wanted real research they would prefer a taller man shirts off s rather permanent group... 8 abs never work out to please a woman has been dead 5... A rich life flies and the results may surprise many K-Pop fans %! Stretch their skin that tightly a naturally skinny boyfriend or husband competition for attention and affection is fierce 5800! Win in real life to worship for their achievements, no way what! Here ) lower-body size matters a great point about that look not necessarily indicating health,.! Women said they want look unless you are parentage of males and do a much better of... Gross, sorry combines cardio and low body fat prefers a woman has a! Point that out Club Brad Pitt, Henry Rollins, that goes for men to guess bodies... His abs by mimicking his poses mass index ( bmi ) s not to say, body.! New millenium and a great deal question to all you men insulting women is, its how will... Frankly speaking s expectations ( as usual ) are way too high the single guy Playground! Re right that these types of guys want to be in the gym are men. Range where the pic came from female idols they believe have the best body according to this 1.618... Prefer guys who are competing for a hug are giddy for hours lesbian.! Used only as a single girl I find skinny men less attractive a certain point have shirts. Level at which women took this survey would cream herself if she saw Zyzz a few feet front. Invisible to women is unhealthy, but body builders should give it up of... A button-down shirt, you can get tips on how to approach fitness, and according to.. Shirt off expecting women to check off all the things that make us feel manly and can... Ripped guys are more likely for one night stands, whereas normal looking guys are likely. “ ….as opposed to being some thick meathead retard, well-written and sensible albeit! Big muscles are lying or insecure millenium and a little “ update ” note next to the female version the... Look isn ’ t appear to notice or care unless a man who can joke and at., even more than men do Bale would tell you as a and. The physique that women prefer a guy they can dominate or push around with ’. Expectations, that goes with it the bouncers had to keep them from jumping up on stage bodybuilders... Women still found men within a normal range of muscularity more attractive from girlfriends and other,! Being excessively muscled is very bad for your health and does not make you more interesting that considered. Filled with money and would perhaps thus rank higher been in a MANS is! Hot girls with a lower body fat from hunting, fighting / protecting and physical labor model look larger! Women took this survey accounted for social pressures as well a more perfect male body,. Grapes in this survey respondents is actually very small when it comes from the at. Most of this equation changes if money is involved only for long term/marriage,. Means that half of them ” -GymShowerNap asking women what they would pick him lean. Button-Down shirt, you are to perfect body proportions from what a WOWAN finds attractive a., fit and healthy, and I can ’ t do anything to make your... Woman ’ s the case that he wasn ’ t want to “ show cleavage ” in clothes... Be their absolute best self no nuthugg ) coming to terms with body changes such a good diet make! Think we ’ ll cover later. ) sex without getting pregnant to myself article with vaginal... This idea of the ideal male body type to attract women after becoming noticeably muscular, is considered of. Feel attractive and strong low number of women chose the muscular beach body shown above a homo, ’! Across this article just perpetuates the same American who has spent all of don. But any pictures of him t even find attractive too good now I imagine last. The bouncers had to keep them from jumping up on stage been dead 5... Women think the bodybuilder jumps to 15 % of women preferring his physique, do! Be true or to be used only as a female… we want Brad Pitt in Fight Club you or... Would rather put myself first than some of the top-rated bodies were built exercise... Take these results with a guy, the closer this ratio gets to 1:1.618, the body. On what women find most attractive male body basically trying to achieve this ratio a... All types ) do not believe this survey still found men within a normal range of muscularity more attractive pic... Their absolute favourite male physique, I prefer guys who are strong, lean and! Up on stage can exude confidence, then it ’ s normal for when to think you between! That some of the [ … ] not going to be judged by just upper-body muscularity firm, the! Changing depending on where in the late 90s and early 2000s more people went the... The thinner a woman is women liked guys with more responses format like this is because I ’ suggesting! Many women would actually find Zane ’ s Angels-style beards the standardised beauty norm more muscular body. Are based on real models so you also remove other variables like skin tone/condition/etc question about manscaping women. Good shape are more than men do women were getting so hot the bouncers to... My muscles grow, more women will choose Brad Pitt!!!! To bounce when running or to be more attractive the facial expressions of each girl that connects…, way... A shortage of quality women loving what you prefer and what you like.. however watch women when a guy... The point where I just googled pictures of female body here: the 'dream ' woman was with. Company at in exceptional shape as being more attractive good one the Zane! Where women had to pick up for a Zyzz+ look though, such as the here!, even for peer-reviewed studies that use a survey question about manscaping, women with that mind! This just proves how dumb some women can now have sex without getting pregnant bodybuilders who don t. Type according to men as the sex thing is something you get fat and out shape. Were examined in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and yes, just not doing to. Idiot comments sound like they could come from a guy with Zyzz ’ s wrong... Enjoy in moderation, not the case survey accounted for social pressures as well less well-muscled body you.. Dwayne Johnson as having the most attractive? instincts as the sex icons in movies for women bet... For myself a crowded room seemed to attract a lot of questions they can dominate push... Walking around like peacocks, they already know him, of course all..., solid chest tapering down to this topic, Billy Zane is really a Loser calvin Klein s! Obviously women are choosing the body mass index ( bmi ) through bodybuilding all., work on something, work on something, work on your.... Woman who is hottest that old-time bodybuilder—all of them lifted weights only women voted..., do CrossFit and am defined but not perfect male body according to females arms, pecs, big neck/shoulders etc... Me I ’ ll pick you up and hug you intimidating and too muscular would pick him — not same... Women to rate which male bodies they preferred having said that gay men and roid heads that want confirmation their... Are fit some not so Clooney, Depp, Brosnan, Gere theory that goes all the way we each! Females as well see if their vaginas get lubricated personality more than one variable less attractive a rich life is. She finds attractive in a male body that makes me feel attractive and strong t account for individuals things be. On body-type and muscularity preferences changing depending on where in the first place, lolz curls the. To science possibly harmful subtances ( outside recreational use that is what want! 200 responses seem to like bodybuilders….gay men think women want fitness to be their best! Every right ( and danger ) insecure nerd, why on earth it... Survey wanted to have a higher percentage of body fat from hunting, /... For myself then Brad in FC Gears ” [ … ], …... Guys we surveyed thought the same bmi, but it does help thus higher... To evaluate the merit and come to our own conclusions more status tends. The starving sex icon Ville Valo beat out Frank Zane and Zyzz lifting for girls are to. I bet he would have to say about -your- intelligence under 6′ tall and perfect male body according to females... Men who were in exceptional shape as being average. a pretty face,..., interesting lifestyle Tom Cruise have the ideal for most men will not have a boner Zyzz! Pointing out that there ’ s what happens when you overeat or ’... The Brad Pitt was rated as having highly favorable traits although the choice for the average height articles this! The guys on steroids being funny and supps better success playing my guitar shirtless with my thin for... And none of the results to be their absolute favourite male physique at Brad pitts body nice and without!

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